Monday, May 16, 2016

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MSH Exchange Autoresponder

MSH Exchange Autoresponder is lightweight and easy to deploy software that allows you to create Exchange Server automatic replies, out-of-office messages and email notifications.

The program integrates with Microsoft Exchange 2016/2013/2010/2007 via official transport agent API managed by the administration panel you can install even on a workstation.

Easy to navigate GUI provides a quick way to create and manage auto reply rules, such as:
  • standard auto reply messages
  • Out of Office notifications
  • marketing campaigns
  • support first contact auto replies
  • legal compliance notifications

MSH Office 365 Signatures

Centrally manage Office 365 email signatures. Insert personalized signatures and company disclaimers for multiple users in Office 365.
With MSH Office 365 Signatures you can add signatures to many/all users from one application at the same time. For example, you might to choose to apply different signature content for each department within your organization, or for particular people.

MSH Delete Files Older Than

MSH Delete Files Older Than. If you need to get rid of unused files older or newer than certain date, you should try this application. Now you don't need to browse different folders manually and search for very old files.

All you need to do is to target application on folders (with sub folders optional searching), select what type of files your're looking for and define time range. Next choose what to do with found files: delete permanently, move to Recycle Bin, move or copy to other directory.

MSH Disclaimer & Signatures

MSH Disclaimer & Signatures is the signature software solution for Zimbra, Postfix and Sendmail that automatically adds professional email signatures to all corporate mail.

The application lets you target signatures based on full range of extensive conditions. One policy can trigger rules that let you decide which user should get a certain email signature.

With email signature software installed on mail server, administrators can ensure that all users have a full, dynamic and professional email signature without to visit every PC within an organization.

MSH Traffic Policy

MSH Traffic Policy for Postfix and Sendmail is sophisticated email management system that allows to set server sided rules for automatic content control and flow administration.

This software is for you when you want to:
  • take control over you mail flow
  • block unwanted spam
  • check messages for sensitive content (credit cards numbers etc.)
  • limit number of recipients, attachments, message size, number of sent messages
  • manage attachments (add, remove, strip, compress)
  • modify message headers, sender and recipients
  • sent new and forwarded messages
  • create auto replies based on simple or complex conditions

MSH Autoresponder

MSH Autoresponder is a Sendmail and Postfix milter that allows you to create server side auto responses on the basis of configurable criteria.

Application integrate with MTA (mail transport agent) through official and standarized Milter API.

With administrative desktop application (or xml configuration file) you will create and manage auto response rules, like common auto reply messages, vacation e-mails, marketing or support auto replies.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas is coming - add best wishes to your OOF autoreply!

Christmas is just around the corner and a lot of offices in many companies will be closed next week.

If your workplace is no exception and some of the employees will be away, make sure to setup an automatic email reply on your Exchange server. This way you'll keep your customers informed that you are gone and when you'll be back to assist them. 

Additionally it is also a great opportunity to add Merry Christmas and Happy New Year wishes to your autoreply! With MSH Exchange Autoresponder it's easy - you can even add some holiday graphics to your message.

All the best and have a great holiday! - MSH Software Team

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Video Tip - automatic response to a message sent to multiple recipients

In MSH Exchange Autoresponder it is possible to set one autoresponding rule for all user in your company simply by using wildcards in the rule's conditions.
But how the program handles messages that are sent to many users in your organization? Who should be the sender of this automatic reply? Check the short video below for the answer.

Learn more about the program on the MSH Software website or test it for free by downloading MSH Exchange Autoreponder 1.4.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Video tutorial - How to configure automatic response with MSH Exchange Autoresponder

Setting up an automatic response rule in MSH Exchange Autoresponder is easy. Don't just take our word for it - check out the video tutorial below to see it for yourself!

Learn more about the program on the MSH Software website or test it for free by downloading MSH Exchange Autoreponder 1.4.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Introducing MSH Office 365 Signatures

We are pleased to announce the launch of MSH Office 365 Signatures. This new product lets any organization centrally design and distribute email signatures to all members using Office 365.

Dedicated application to manage all Office 365 signatures.

  • Give your organization's users consistent, professional email signature when they send any email in Office 365
  • Get all user details from your Office 365 directory
  • Manage all signatures from one dedicated application
  • Lite version can be used completely free up to 25 mailboxes. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

High availability and backup of Outlook archive

Email in Outlook connected with Exchange mailbox is quite safe. The usual mail storage file (PST) is replaced with a mirror of the data (OST file) saved directly on the company's server. If anything bad happens to your computer, or the OST storage file gets corrupted - no worries, all your data is safe and sound in the central mailbox database.

However it is quite often that the company policy sets the limit to the size of your Exchange mailbox. If you preserve too many messages and reach the full capacity of the storage the server will disable sending any emails from your address.

To help this situation Outlook is fitted with the archiving feature. In short - it automatically saves all Outlook items (emails, tasks, appointments etc.) older than a set threshold to a separate PST file, stored locally on your computer. This way you can keep your Exchange mailbox small and below the company's limit and maintain access to all your old mail as well.

Unfortunately, since the archive PST file is stored locally on your computer, it is not protected the same way as your mailbox. If the hard drive of your PC fails or the PST file is corrupted, all your archived data may be lost. A good idea is configuring the archiving function to store the PST data file directly on the company server (e.g. in a network shared folder). The drawback is that when disconnected from your company's network you cant access the archive.

To ensure your data safety and provide high availability access to your old emails try a simple method described below. It automatically copies your local archive file to the defined location every time you log into your computer.

Step 1.

Open Windows Notepad and enter the following text in it:

copy "C:\Users\Luke\Documents\Outlook Files\Archive.pst" g:\
Timeout 20

Make sure to replace "C:\Users\Luke\Documents\Outlook Files\Archive.pst"  with the actual path to your own archive PST. If you want to copy all files from that location simply replace the file part (Archive.pst) with the wildcard *.*

Also make sure to replace g:\ with the drive letter of your mapped network share, or any other folder of your choice.

The Timeout 20 command gives additional delay after completing the process, so you can see its results.

Step 2.

Save the above text to your hard drive as a bat file, e.g.: copy-pst.bat . You can test the script by double clicking it.

Step 3.

Launch the  Task Scheduler tool by typing its name in the Windows Start menu search field. Alternatively you can find it in the Windows Control Panel, Administrative Tools.

Step 4.

Click Create Basic Task in the right hand side panel. This launches the configuration wizard.

Step 5.

Follow the configuration wizard. After entering the name of the task and a short description hit the Next button. The following window lets you choose when the task should be triggered and launched. Select  When I log on and hit Next.

In the third step of the wizard select the action - mark Start a program and hit the Next button again.

In a submenu window that opens navigate to the bat file you have created earlier by clicking the Browse button. Click Next and then the Finish button to complete the wizard.

That's it! You have just created a system task that will run the archive PST file copying script every time you log into your windows account.

It keeps the archive locally on your machine, so it is always accessible even outside your company's network and makes a backup copy of it to the safe spot of your choice.

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Summer is over - turn off your autoresponder!

Summer is almost over and so are many annual leaves. When you or your colleagues are back at work from holidays, first thing you normally do is to check the email.

Quite often the sheer amount of unread messages keeps you so busy, that shutting down your out off office automatic message does not even come into your mind.
The result is confusion and frustration of people that want to reach you (presuming you're back at office) but instead receive the usual "I'll be off till..." .
Therefore, instead of jumping head forward into the sea of unread mails, make sure that your autoresponder is off.

To make things even easier you can simplify the whole process launch MSH Exchange Autoresponder program which will deactivate Out-Of-Office messages automatically at specified date. With MSH Software it is simple to centrally manage all your users' absence autoresponders.

Download the free trial of MSH Exchange Autoresponder from our website and check it out!