Monday, June 9, 2014

Prevent message server war with Exchange auto responder

When you're using exchange autoresponder for creating vacation email responses, support notifications or disabled/removed mailboxes you'll probably need to use Loop Protection.

When your server sends autoreplies to other servers, they may also respond with automatic messages. This loop may continue and create an email war, because servers will send email on and on.

MSH Exchange Autoresponder for server side auto replies has built-in loop protection functionality. Thanks to it you can avoid a situation when two addresses exchange multiple autoresponders in an infinite loop.

Loop Protection in Exchange Autoresponder

By default Loop Protection is enabled and it's set to no more than 1 auto reply message per 1 day to the same recipient. You can change time and count limit threshold you want.

The Loop Protector counts autoreplies separately for each email address and each rule. It will not accumulate autoreplies from all rules in the program.

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